The dogs enjoying a warm spring day.  Pictured is:
Top: Cory, Noel, Cooper
Middle: Beans, Ozzy, Whitney, Speedy
Bottom: Edmund
Cornsilks Papillons and Phalenes is a small kennel located in Ontario Canada.
 We breed only papillons and strive to maintain and improve the health,
temperament and beauty of our dogs. From time to time I have papillon
puppies available to pet homes.  Please visit my
puppy page for more info.
Feel free to browse around to see my lovely papillons, and if you have a
moment, please sign the guest book.
Last updated on May 3, 2009
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My papillons
absolutely love
the snow!
Info: Papillon breeder, Ontario Canada
Papillon puppies, phalene puppies occasionally available.
Cornsilks Papillons & Phalenes
We are very proud of
our homebred phalene
boy 'Tigger' for
winning the Papillon
Club of Southern
Ontario's Specialty
show this past July.  
Tigger is everything
you could want in a
phalene--proper ear
set, beautiful coat, and
moves like a dream.  
He also has that
elegance that is
missing today in many
paps and phalenes.
Tigger is the sweetest
little guy and a joy to
own. We'll now start
working on his
American title.
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